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MAWSI is an agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark. A combination of eyes for unique brands and experiences within branding kick-started this agency in 2015. Our purpose is to represent strong and unique national and international brands in Scandinavia.

We help brands within fashion and lifestyle to obtain the desired position in the market. At Mawsi every brand is unique, and is treated accordingly.


Donsje logo

Amsterdam-based Donsje (Dutch for fluffy) offers a wide range of adorable boots and booties for both babies and toddlers

Donsje is known for high quality, comfortable footwear with emphasis on the ability for the little feet to move freely. All of the products are handmade with an eye for detail and are allowing your child's feet to develop naturally and safely in preparation for those long-awaited first steps.

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SNORK Copenhagen is a Danish company that designs and produces children’s nightwear. The nightwear is made from 100% organic cotton and is produced through a certified partner where the highest consideration for our planet and the people involved in the process has been taken in order to create a sustainable and fair-trade production. SNORK nightwear is ultra-soft, comfortable to wear and enables our children to have the best possible conditions for a beautiful sleep. The aesthetic look of Snork's nightwear also invites you to use the basic wear for a cosy and slow day at home.

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Pop Cutie logo

Pop Cutie - Danish design accessories - Inspired by Japanese pop culture

Pop Cutie brand is a line of cute jewelry and gifts, designed by Danish Cecilie Lindemose. Pop Cutie excels in unique designs and high quality products, Which make the products attractive to cuteness loving fashionistas.

Pop Cutie fulfills every little girls dreams.

Pop Cutie ..........


Búho is a brand from Barcelona that produces clothing for babies and kids from 0-12 years. The collection is an array of colours, exclusive prints, soft and carefully nurtured fabrics. Clothing with a style of nonchalance, simple but well-studied patterns, a warm and personal touch for children to enjoy their clothes without sacrificing comfort. The Búho range is mainly produced in Spain, although in Portugal and France as well, so as to exercise close control over the quality of the sewing and also in support of what Búho represents: local and sustainable trade.

Buho ..........

Milk & Soda

Milk & Soda is the ultimate game changer in kids accessories!

Quirky kids accessories with a fashion forward grown-up take, each style is designed and made for the undeniably cool kid.

The essence of the brand is directional 'free style' coveted by kids & teens around the world. Milk & Soda are the go-to when you want your child to stand out from the crowd.

Milk & Soda ..........


Rosajou is the first make-up collection for children from 5 - 10 years of age, created with the greatest care by French laboratories. Having fun making you look pretty with healthy and light products is the core philosophy of Rosajou.

Because our children’s skin deserves the best, the laboratories use quality ingredients and almost exclusively of natural origin. Safe and tested formulas for beautiful and healthy products, adapted to their taste and their skin above all.

A single ambition: fun! The aim is definitely not to transform our little girls into fashionistas. Rosajou is all about having fun.

“Mummy you are the prettiest”, and little girls want to do the same. Eyes sparkling, they dream of nail polish and lipstick. And we, the mums, we say yes if they are used innocently and in a spirit of fun.

Rosajou ..........

Beach & Bandits

Beach & Bandits believes that UPF50+ sun-protective swimwear can be cool and sun-safe at the same time!

Through handdrawn illustrations and crisp colors Beach & Bandits wants to capture your little bandits imagination and encourage their wanderlust. They want your kids to come out of their shell, go to the beach, live in the sunshine... to stay wild! But above all, they want to keep your little bandits safe in the sun.

The quality is high as it is developed with experience from professional water sports.

We keep them safe, they keep us wild!

Beach & Bandits ..........


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